Albier Naguib

I am a special developer, that never gives up on a problem and always seeking better and best solutions to any case or any problem that faces the software development cycle starting from design the application ending with the final step of delivery and client satisfaction with the product. That is why I got experienced in DevOps, Continuous Integration, server administration, Issue tracking installation (Redmine, Jira), LMS installation, and management (Moodle). In developing I mainly develop using .net framework (MVC 5 - Web Forms) - Starting learning Front end development (angular) to complete my career as a full-stack .Net developer I also have excellent knowledge in managing Plesk administration - WordPress

What I Do


Design, Develop and Deploy full process of ECommerce website Using any ECommerce software - Open cart or Magento- handle all related modules (shipping - payments - etc...)

Web Design

I can deliver a responsive websites using latest design technologies ( Css3 and bootstrap


I can develop any WordPress website with latest plugins and themes - also Can handle multi language Websites - migrate from any website to any other hosting

Web Development

I can develop any kind of web apps using latest technologies and techniques, deliver high performance and continuous optimizations, specialized in Dot Net Framework technologies

Dev Operations

I can handle any cloud platform and manage continuous deployments using latest and fastest CI / CD technologies

Project Management

I can handle installing and maintain any Project management software ( redmine - jira - etc ..) also can migrate from any platform to another one